Charles A. Eckert

Charles L. Liotta





Our group's research is focused at the interface between chemistry and chemical engineering, where our interdisciplinary investigators have unique capabilities to solve a variety of important technical and societal problems, such as environmental control, solvent-free processing, energy conservation, innovative separations (including bioseparations), and novel materials.

The investigations encompass molecular thermodynamics, solution chemistry, phase equilibria, chemical kinetics, homogeneous catalysis, supercritical fluid processing, and separations. The group has developed new experimental methods, including novel applications of modern instrumentation. Examples of applications include wastewater purification, environmentally benign solvents, supercritical fluid fractionation of polymers, purification of monomers, separation of chiral compounds, composite materials manufacture, hazardous waste detoxification, reactions in supercritical fluids, polymer modification, polymer processing, and many others.

We draw heavily on molecular chemistry, organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical, for an understanding of intermolecular interactions in solutions. We use these results, along with our data, to develop methods for tailoring separation and reaction processes for specific applications.

In 2004 this group was honored by the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award presented jointly to Charles Eckert and Charles Liotta for the team's ongoing research in using tunable solvents for sustainable technology.


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